Kids do programming !


With utilization of educational material such as "IchigoJam" which is computer dedicated to BASIC programming,
we offer kids opportunities of learning programming to improve ICT literacy, at the same time,
we try to contribute to local human resource development by raising interest in manufacture.


The aim of this network is・・・

*What's programming literacy rate?
A rate of people who can understand which parts of system are worked by programs or recognize programming language.

Merits of this network

PCN in World

Hokuriku・Tohoku area
PCN札幌 PCN仙台 PCNいわき
Kanto area
PCN東京 PCN東京多摩 PCN世田谷 PCN湘南
Tokai area
PCN名古屋 PCN岐阜 PCN三重
Hokuriku area
Kinki area
PCN大阪 PCN南大阪 PCN京都 PCN丹波 PCN奈良
Chugoku area
PCN山口 PCN生口島 PCNひろしま
Kyushu area
PCN福岡 PCNももち PCN有明 PCN宮崎 PCN熊本 PCN鹿児島
PCNモンゴル PCNベトナム PCNタイランド PCNシリコンバレー

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