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Programming for All Kids

About PCN
PCN (Programming Club Network) is a club activity with the philosophy of "Provide programming opportunities for all kids". We offer a place where kids can experience programming by utilizing various teaching materials and computers such as kid's computer "Ichigo Jam" series. By doing so, we will contribute to local human resource development by raising their ICT literacy and raising their interest in the manufacturing industry.

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Reason for starting PCN

The current era in which computers are popular around us, various things (PC, telephones, air conditioners, cars, etc.) are controlled by computers. At the moment kids use them like everyday and touch them as "mere consumers" to video games. Fearing such a situation, we established PCN. We do program of educational activities, educational support and policy advice, and we operate a network organization as a purpose to share know-how of each place.

Please join in PCN so that children can program with the computer like to use "glue" and "scissors" and be able to bear the future of your area.