PCN Kids Programming Contest 2023

Sep. 16, 2022
Updated the contest overview.

PCN Kids Programming Contest 2023 will be open!

The opening for the 13th Programming Contest sponsored by PCN, the "PCN Kids Programming Contest 2023", is finalized! We look forward to programming works full of ideas created by children. Children can apply with programming work they created themselves in Scratch, IchigoJam, Raspberry Pi, of course, and other environments as well. The contest schedule and application method will be announced at a later date.


Application Overview

7 - 12 years old and 13 - 15 years old
Software / Robot, electronic work / Family

What is the Family Department?

This department is for elementary and junior high school students to submit works created together with adults. Please apply here if you have created a work with someone, whether it is a parent and child, a sibling who is in high school or older, or a club teacher. You can apply for this category regardless of software, robot or electronic work. A requirement for entry is “a program work in which at least one elementary or junior high school student participates in the creation”.

November 1, 2022(Tue.) 00:00:00(JST) - January 11, 2023(Wed.) 23:59:59(JST)
Contest of the
Original programming work completed after January 12, 2022
There are no restrictions on the genre, languege and the development tools used.
Department of Software / Robot, electronic work : First prize in each department (total of four works)、Excellence prize in each department (total of four works)
Department of Family: 1 work
Cosponsor Award, Special Award

* The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the applicent.
However, this contest and the cosponsoring companies have the right to utilize or use the submitted work in this contest free of charge in mass media, affiliated sites and media such as publications without thom the applicant.

Application Method

The application is accepted by application form from November 1. Access the application form, fill in the required information and upload the work file.

Applications will be accepted from Nov.1



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