PCN Kids Programming Contest 2024


Feb. 16, 2024
The results of preliminary screening has been released.

/ The results of preliminary screening has been released /

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PCN Kids Programming Contest 2024 will be open!

The opening for the 14th Programming Contest sponsored by PCN, the "PCN Kids Programming Contest 2024", is finalized! We look forward to programming works full of ideas created by children. Children can apply with programming work they created themselves in Scratch, IchigoJam, Raspberry Pi, of course, and other environments as well. See below for details on how to apply.


Application Overview

7 - 12 years old and 13 - 15 years old
Software / Robot, electronic work / Family
November 1, 2023(Wed.) 00:00:00(JST) - January 11, 2024(Thu.) 23:59:59(JST)
Contest of the
Original programming work completed after January 12, 2023
There are no restrictions on the genre, languege and the development tools used.
All departments : First prize in each department (total of five works)
Excellence prize, Jury Award, Cosponsor Award, Special Award

* The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the applicent.
However, this contest and the cosponsoring companies have the right to utilize or use the submitted work in this contest free of charge in mass media, affiliated sites and media such as publications without thom the applicant.

Application Method

The application is accepted by application form from November 1. Access the application form, fill in the required information and upload the work file.


Enter the "Your information" fields (name in your language), Reading of name in English, number of participants, age on the next April 1st, area of residence, email address) to get your ticket code. Your ticket code will be sent to the e-mail address you entered.


Enter the "Work information" field (ticket code, title of the work, category to entry, and comment about the work). For the ticket code, enter the one you obtained in step 1. For the family department, please indicate in the comments section who was responsible for what part of the work.


Upload the necessary files (source code, video, thumbnail image) for submission as well.
The source code(Up to 100MB)
Prepare the source code file of your program. If you have more than one file, please zip them into one file and upload it. If the executable and source code are combined in one file, please include a supplement so that the judges know how to check the source code(Ex: Minecraft).
Video about the work(Up to 100MB)
Take a video showing how to run the program and how it works. The maximum length is 3 minutes. The video may be shown to the public for the purpose of introducing your work, so please do not include any personal information.
Thumbnail image of the work(Up to 10MB)
Prepare one still image or photo of the scene you want to show the most in your work. It will be used to introduce your work on the contest page.


Make sure that the information you have entered is correct before clicking on the "Apply for the contest". Please do not close your browser or move to another page until you have finished uploading your work.


You will receive a confirmation email when your application is complete.

Closed the application.
Thank you for your application.


Q1. I would like to apply more than one work, can I apply as many as I want?
Of course. Please feel free to apply your works to the contest.
Q2. I am working with a team to create a program work. Is it possible to apply this work?
It is possible. Enter the name of your team in the "Your information" field. In the "Your age on the next April 1st" field, enter the age of the oldest person on the team.
Q3. Can I apply a work that uses the tool/environment called "XXX"?
This contest is free to use any programming language and tools. As for the source code, please prepare a file where the judges can check the code.
Q4. I am a representative of a school/club/classroom. Can we apply in batches?
We cannot accept applications in batches, so please apply individually. You can use the representative's e-mail address. The ticket code will be sent to the registered address, so please pass it on to the applicants.
Q5. The source code file size is too large to upload all of it. What should I do?
Please cut out and send us the source code of the part of the program that you have put special effort into.
Q6. I cannot receive my ticket code. What should I do?
The reason may be that it is classified as junk mail, or the email address is incorrect. Please check your junk mail box. If you do not receive the message, please contact us by e-mail.
Q7. What is the Family Department?
This department is for elementary and junior high school students to submit works created together with adults. Please apply here if you have created a work with someone, whether it is a parent and child, a sibling who is in high school or older, or a club teacher. You can apply for this category regardless of software, robot or electronic work.
Q8. I would like to change the information I applied or the file I uploaded. What should I do?
If you wish to change your application information or application file, please reapply using the application form. At that time, please enter which work you are reapplying for in the comment field. (Example: Re-applying works with ticket code XXXXXXXX)



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