Electronics Hobby Magazine

As it is utilized at technical colleges in Mongol, IchigoJam tends to become a boom in the world. In that situation, "MICOM BASIC Magazine" reissued as a part of "Electronics Hobby Magazine".

"MICOM BASIC Magazine" is a computer magazine which first published in June 1982. At that time, children were attracted to build programs in that magazine and play that games.
Some children learned how to program and made up games by themselves. As they contributed their games to "MICOM BASIC Magazine", it was said to be the gateway to a programmer.
Regretfully, it was discontinued in 2003, although, now revived as a part of "Electronics Hobby Magazine" in response to the boom of IchigoJam.
They are inviting your programs.

Original and imaginative works within limited functionality are welcome at any time. If your program is placed in the magazine, you are paid for the manuscript. They are waiting your work!


sample of Jumping rope girl Sacchan

<your works name> *Jumping rope girl Sacchan

Contributor: Fukui prefecture, Programming Club Network, age:XX
kinds of machine: IchigoJam BASIC 0.9.0

● Contents
With a space key, control "Satchan" (a character on a screen) to jump a rope.
The more Satchan jumps, the more score goes high.
Try to make Satchan jump not to be entangled by the rope.

● How to play or work
Enter the program list to run the game.
Satchan shows up in the center of a screen, and then a rope starts moving from the side.
Hit a space key to avoid the rope getting close to Satchan.
If you touch the rope, it's game over. The timing is important.
If Satchan jumps over the rope, the score goes up.

● To remodel it
P PanCake has a sprite of a girl and various backgrounds. By combining those items, you can make games more lively.
Try it!