Announcement of the results of PCN kids programming contest 2014 in summer

As a part of creating environment for children to learn programming, we held "PCN kids programming contest 2014 in summer".Thank you for your entry.
As the result of screening, the highest award and a special award have been decided.

And we held a commendation ceremony at FUKUTAS(Fukui community center) on 26th October 2014.

* In junior-high student level, no work met award.

the highest award

ection of lower grades of elementary school
Never finishing game

Never finishing game
Kounen Matta (Grade 2)

Never finish until stop.

He deeply understands that changing numerical number changes the movement and remodeled the game.
It appears freedom of programming that can express a view of the world.
Section of upper grades of elementary school
Space travel

☆Space travel☆
Masaharu Nagamiya (Grade 5)

Move by right-left keys not to crash into planets, and return to the earth!

Planets appear by random numbers, moving a spaceship, limiting a range of movement, judgement of crashes, judgement of clearing and score calculation by entering keys.
He has an ability to express logic of game by programming.

Special awards

section of upper grades of elementary school


Takuto Kitagawa (Grade 5)

In this game, to reach a goal, jump over obstacles which come out from right-side using the ↑ key.
I made up a background with a image of bricks.
Also I changed speed or color.Although it was first time to do programming, I enjoyed it.
I want to make up games more!

He drew even small bricks. The implementation that the difficulty goes up in the middle of the game is great.

Tatsuya Yamagishi(Grade 5)

I designed a cool spaceship and cool enemies.
Arms fly out of the battery.

Characters designed cool, the background of the space is beautiful.

Entry works

Thank you for your entry!

・GO!GO!Motchan(Grade 5)
Move "M" until the goal not to fall from the block.
Be careful of openings of steps.
Let's try hard to get high score.
Move by the left-right keys, jump by the space key.
・Avoid enemies! (Grade 5)
Watch out for the enemies moving fast.
・Whack-a-mole DX (Grade 6)
Increased moles' moving speed.
・It's easy to get score. (Grade 5)
Score increases so that you can get 100 points!

Photos of the commendation ceremony

Introduce the commendation ceremony held at FUKUTAS(Fukui community center) on 26th Oct 2014. 3 judges including Professor Ashida from National Institute of Technology Fukui College checked all works. During examination, we got some comment from Nagamiya who came to the meeting place. We had a programming lecture using a gold medal made of LED which given to Nagamiya. Nagamiya brought a handmade case for IchigoJam. He is an amazing schoolchild who feeds BASIC into a computer very easily!

The contest to date