Announcement of the results of PCN kids programming contest 2014 in winter

Following the contest in summer, "PCN kids programming contest 2014 in winter" was held. Prize winners have decided.
Thank you for your entry.
The highest award of each 3 section and 3 special awards were selected.

Then we held a commendation ceremony at FUKUTAS(Fukui community center) on 5th April, 2015.

the highest award

Section of lower grades of elementary school

Kounen Matta (Grade 2)

You can show by reducing the variable "X" gradually.

He has masterd the basics of programming.
Try to use a triangle or a circle as well.

Section of upper grades of elementary school
The glasses atelier

The glasses atelier
Masaharu Nagamiya (Grade 5)

Match the timing to make nice glasses.

It is an interesting idea to shape glasses with signs.
It is also good to use "IF..." to divide the result into 3 grade, "グッド(good)" "パーフェクト(perfect)" "シッパイ(fail)".
Section of Junior-high student
A piano

A piano
Yusuke Sano (Grade 7)

The function to change the pitch of the sound is interesting.

Ihe has good use of the function of sound output.
It is a interesting program to change the pitch of the sound.

Marutsu Elec awards

A hurdler

A hurdler
Haruman Matta (Grade 5)

As you jump one by one, the degree of difficulty increases.

The program that the level becomes difficult gradually is great.

Super Rescue

Super Rescue
Masaharu Nagamiya (Grade 5)

Use the acceleration sensor well to rescue all.

He uses the acceleration sensor well.
He also calculated the coordinates very well.
35-meter dash

35-meter dash
Mizuki Yoshida (Grade 5)

I set a rule of time. If you run slower than fixed time, "ザンネン(bummer)" appears. If you run faster than fixed time, "ヨカッタネ(good)" appears.

As it is difficult, we concentrate on it.
It is better if it's a bit easier.

Entry works

Thank you for your entry!

  • *Typing sushi-go-round (Grade 5)
  • *Disappearing claw crane (Grade 5)
  • *Battle of monsters (Grade 5)
  • *Battle of monsters 2 (Grade 5)
  • *Strawberry hunting (Grade 5)
  • *Baseball game (Grade 5)
  • *Hayabusa 2 (Grade 5)
  • *bonbon (Grade 5)
  • *cracker (Grade 5)
  • *Tag (Grade 5)
  • *Picking bills up (Grade 5)
  • *Lucky number fortune (Grade 5)
  • *Amidakuji (Grade 5)
  • *the Slot Machine (Grade 5)
  • *Momotaro the first part (Grade 5)
  • *Momotaro the latter part (Grade 5)
  • *Picking things up (Grade 5)
  • *Bean scattering (Grade 5)
  • *UFO's strategy against the earth (Grade 5)
  • *Dice game (Grade 6)
  • *UnityGame (Grade 5)
  • *W Satchan Wonderful (Grade 7)
  • *So strong shooting game! (Grade 8)

The commendation ceremony and a discussion meeting

We had the commendation ceremony at FUKUTAS(Fukui community center) and a discussion meeting on 5th April 2015.
Unfortunately it was bad weather on that day, although, the ceremony was bustling with more than 30 participants.

6 judges including Guest, Mr. Taro Ohashi and Mr. Noboru Ashida checked all works. Not only judges but also participants tried various programs created by kids.They were impressed by interesting programs created with IchigoJam, Unity and so on.
After the ceremony, we had a discussion meeting while eating sweets.
Kids who got an award felt happy, on the other hand, kids who couldn't get seemed to be frustrated. They looked motivated to make new program. We also had a chance to listen to the guest, Mr. Ohashi about recent applications and memories of when he was working in an editorial department of the Basic Magazine. All participants enjoyed the discussion.

The contest to date