Announcement of the results of PCN kids programming contest 2015 in summer

The third contest hosted by PCN, "PCN kids programming contest 2015 in summer". Prize winners were decided! Thank you very much for your entry.

We held a commendation ceremony at the Modern Art Center(Used to be a place where textile was checked before shipping in Meiji era) on Sunday, November 8, 2015. 1 highest award, 1 excellent award and 13 sponsor award were selected.

The highest award

Fossil Radar
Masaharu Nagamiya(Grade 6) / IchigoJam BASIC

Decipher code messages and excavate a fossil.

It has an originality. It's simple but well-organized.

Excellent award

Yukitsura Gennai(Grade 5) / Ichigojam ver.1.0.1

You will use only 1 key to play this game. Continue flying not to touch walls. As walls increase gradually, it becomes more difficult. If the score goes over 500, you are a skilled player.

This game uses a horizontal scrolling technique and good sound effect.

AKIZUKI DENSHI TSUSHO award :2 programs

Extra prize:Supersonic digital telemeter kit

"Let's Fishing"
Hajime Hisadome(Grade5) / IchigoJam BASIC + PanCake

This game has two programs. Please save the first half as program 0, the latter half as program 1. This is a kind of fishing game. You only use the button of IchigoJam to play this. The game starts when you press the button. Fish come from the left side. Press the button to move a hook(J) at th e right time. You will score 1 point if you catch a fish. You have 4 hooks. The music which you hear at the last varies according to your score.

Yusuke Sano(2nd grade in junior high school) / IchigoJam BASIC

Fukui Industrial Support Center award :1 proogram

Extra prize:Book card

N-gauge Train Control Program
Koki Yamazaki(Grade 4) / IchigoJam BASIC

The following operation continues automatically.
1) Change the railroad switch to "down".
2) The train departs from the rail yard for the platform. Stop at the platform.
3) Change the railroad switch to "up"
4) The train runs counterclockwise. It makes a round, then stops at the platform.
5) Next, the train runs clockwise. It makes a round, then stops at the platform again.
6) Change the railroad switch to "down".
7) The train runs toward the rail yard. It stops there.
8) Go back to (1) and repeat (1)-(8). award :1 program

Extra prize:IchigoJam U self-assembly kit

Ghost Shooting
Shintaro Morimoto(Grade 4) / Scratch 1.4

Since my dad doesn't buy any games for me, I have studied Scratch to make games. I make games and my brother plays them. As I am interested in studying IchigoJam, I joined a programming club the other day. I want to buy it with my allowance.

Dempa Shimbun :1 program

Extra prize:KIT-8D Analogue multitester assembly kit

Control Program for a small electric fan
Tomoki Kondo(1st grade in junior high school) / IchigoJam BASIC

This is a program that control a electric fan sold at 100 yen store. The fan works intermittently[works for 50 seconds, and then stops for 10 seconds]. An inexpensive fan will be transformed into a high-quality one.

Marutsu Elec award :3 program

Extra prize:Microcomputer Racer 2

Yukitsura gennai(Grade5) / Ichigojam BASIC ver.1.0.1

The program length is almost maximum.
Move the main character with arrow keys. Get 15 of "@" without being caught by a ghost and complete the game.

Treasure in underground
Yuu Kashiyama(Grade 5) / IchigoJam BASIC

Until you reach the goal line, avoid touching enemies and get coins in underground. To move the main character toward the right or the left, tilt a accelerometer. It jumps when you press a button. You will enjoy handling a tilt of the accelerometer and jumping at the right timing. Time how long you take to reach the goal!

IOS Shooting Game
Masashi Misaki(3rd grade in junior high school) / swift

It is a bit difficult, but you will get addicted to it!

Megane Museum award :3 programs

Extra prize:Glasses holder in the shape of glasses, comma-shaped jewely(Magatama) pendant, model dinosaur (made of acetate, material of glasses)

Sound Bound
Masaharu Nagamiya(Grade 6) / IchigoJam1.0.0b14、PanCake

When a letter of alphabet bounces, the sound corresponding to it sounds. You may listen to nice music created by continuous sound.

Catch the Enemy
Fuuta Imura(Grade 5)/ IchigoJam BASIC

I remodeled "A Fast Gun" game. In this game, the enemy exists and the player can choose degree of difficulty. By pressing the button, the player have to catch the enemy within a time limit set depending on degree of difficulty.
If you lose, you cannot catch the enemy.
It was hard to write a program which decides victory/defeat. Because of mistakes of program, some characters didn't appear and victory/defeat were not judged. I corrected those mistakes and completed this game.

A man, a koban
Konen Matta(Grade 3)/ IchigoJam BASIC

Move a man with cursor, and if it touch your friend...

Natural Style award :2 programs

Extra prize:PanCake self-assembly kit

Yuga Takahashi(1st grade in junior high school)/ IchigoJam BASIC

Although this is my first entry for this contest, I am satisfied with my game.

Fishing Game
Haruman Matta(Grade 6) / IchigoJam BASIC

If you press the space key when a man comes under the fishing rod, the player will get 1 point. It was hard to draw the rod.

Entry works

Thank you for your entry!

(Grade 5)
(Grade 5)
・Fossil Radar
(Grade 6)
・Underground escape game
(Grade 6)
・Underground escape
(Grade 6)
・"Let's Fishing"
(Grade 5)
・Sound Bound
(Grade 6)
・Catching PanCake
(Grade 6)
・Treasure in underground
(Grade 5)
・N-gauge Train Control Program
(Grade 4)
・Catch the Enemy
(Grade 5)
・IOS Shooting Game
(Grade 9)
(Grade 8)
(Grade 7)
・Control Program for a small electric fan
(Grade 7)
・Fishing Game
(Grade 6)
・Ghost Shooting
(Grade 4)
・A man, a koban
(Grade 3)

Commendation ceremony, Lecture and Workshop

We had an open examination, a special lecture "Development of wild boar capture system", a commendation ceremony and workshop on Sunday, November 8, 2015, at the Modern Art Center(Used to be a place where textile was checked before shipping in Meiji era). More than 20 people gathered together.

Members of PCN Kanazawa and PCN Sendai joined us, moreover the meeting was relayed to PCN Mie that located far from Fukui by Skype. It was bustling with activity. 5 judges including Guest, Mr. Noboru Ashida, checked all works.
There are various types of program such as a program which made with IchigoJam only, a program which uses a controller with a accelerometer, a program of automatic operation system of a model train, a program which controls a small electric fan, a colorful program made with both IchigoJam and PanCake, a program created with swift and a program which written with Kidspod which has been released recently.
PCN Kanazawa also presented a program which uses servomotor. The wide range of program were displayed.

After the examination, a special lecture "Development of wild boar capture system" was presented by Mr. Kazuo Tanikawa.
He explained and demonstrated the system by showing the model cage. He talked about the current agricultural situation and development of the system. It was a good opportunity to think environment and IT.

After the commendation ceremony, we had a workshop "IchogoJam x Servomotor & Handicraft paper Hackathon". Kids made IchigoJam programs to control stuff which they had created with craft paper. Many works were created in 1-hour workshop.

On Thursday, November 19, "Hana Open Innovation Dojo" will be open at 2nd floor of the Modern Art Center.At this commendation ceremony, we felt manufacturing of kids have great future.

The contest to date